Environmental protection

A healthy environment is critical to the health of people, communities, and our world. Our ambition is to accelerate the delivery of net-zero healthcare, proactively managing our environmental impact, and investing in nature and biodiversity.

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Our approach to Environmental protection

Accelerating the delivery of sustainable, net-zero healthcare through science

We follow the science to lower the economic and environmental burden of healthcare and recignise the nexus between climate and health. Climate change, pollution and ecosystem degradation are already impacting human health – including through a rise in non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and respiratory diseases – and undermining the capacity of health systems.

Recognising the importance of working in partnership for a better future, we are one of 15 members of the Sustainable Markets Initiative Health Systems Task Force, chaired by our CEO Pascal Soriot, collaborating across the healthcare sector to accelerate the transition to net-zero health systems.

Bold climate action and investments in nature and biodiversity are vital to drive positive global health outcomes.

Our focus areas

Ambition Zero Carbon

Through our Ambition Zero Carbon strategy, we are pursuing ambitious science-based decarbonisation targets, accelerating our progress towards net zero, and managing the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. We are working to deliver net-zero healthcare, acknowledging that approximately 5% of greenhouse gas emissions are from the healthcare sector.

Product sustainability

People and the planet will benefit from those medicines which have the smallest possible environmental impact yet maintain the highest medical efficacy and safety standards. As technologies and healthcare systems evolve, so should solutions to reduce energy, water, material use, waste and pollution generated from designing, manufacturing and delivering medicines to patients.

Natural resources

We are taking action to protect and restore ecosystems by limiting environmental impacts across our value chain, investing in nature, biodiversity and water stewardship. The conservation and sustainable use of natural resources is vital to shape a healthy future with resilient people and communities, building harmony between society and the natural environment.

Progress on key targets since 2015*:

67.6% reduction

in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions since 2015 baseline

19.5% reduction

in our water use since 2015 baseline

13.2% reduction

in our waste since 2015 baseline


of API discharges from AstraZeneca sites and 94% of discharges from direct suppliers were in compliance

*As at end December 2023, source: Sustainability Report 2023

Our achievements

708 suppliers

partnered with to assess and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions to the CDP Supply Chain programme

>19.9 million trees planted

across Australia, Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Rwanda, the UK, and the US, since 2020


of paper-based product packaging materials used were supplied from sustainable sources

750+ material suppliers

with a critical role in patient supply screened to understand climate vulnerability in the upstream value chain for 13 key products

Our highlights